These Detailed Church Tank Sculptures are Extremely Controversial

 - Apr 29, 2013
Sculptor Kris Kuski's intriguing and potentially controversial church tank sculptures creatively blends war and religion. Kuski has created a collection of sculptures that place churches on top of tanks. These sculptures are beautifully detailed and certainly thought-provoking.

Kuski is not just a sculptor, but he also paints and draws. All of his work involves the same kind of subject matter concerning war and religion, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

Without a direct quote from the artist himself, it’s hard to say what kind of a statement is being made here. It could speak to the way that war and religion often go hand-in-hand, or it may be suggesting that religion has great destructive power. Regardless of the meaning behind them, these religiously crafted weapons are extraordinary, and all around captivating.