Hot Horseplay in The Horse vs. the Epitome by Christoph Klutsch

 - Mar 5, 2011
References: touchpuppet & zombieandcandy
Sultry model Luise plays around while being photographed by Christoph Klutsch in the spread titled The Horse vs. The Epitome.

Dressed in equestrian gear and topped with a tall cap, Luise seductively instructs the viewer on how to ride a horse--whip included. Although this tantalizing shoot doesn't include a real horse, it makes up for it by having Luise strapped onto one of those toy sticks that kids use to pretend to ride a pony on. Luise doesn't just straddle a western saddle, but wears it on her own back while she's on all fours. Giddy up! These arousing pics of Luise are playfully sexy.

Take a look through the galley of The Horse vs. The Epitome spread lensed by Christoph Klutsch. The hot horseplay will make you go "Yee-haw!"