Find Out Who Won Trend Hunter’s No-Bake Bake-Off

 - Dec 11, 2013
References: youtube
The season finale of Trend Hunter’s Christmas cooking competition began with host and master chef Jaime Neely taste testing each no-bake dessert.

She began with Sarah’s toasted marshmallow shakes and found it sweet and delicious but the marshmallow chunks threw her off. Secondly Jaime tried Mesel’s candy cane lollipops. The melted chocolate looked a lot like her cat’s poo so she was very hesitant to try it, so although it tasted good she wouldn’t want to try it again. Finally she tried Vasiliki’s Rice Krispie coal and found it chewy, crunchy and delicious.

Each of the contestants was fully confident that they would be the winner. Mesel seemed quite snarky in regards to his competition, Vasiliki didn’t think her competitors could stand a chance and Sarah was just a ball of joy about cooking.

This wraps up Trend Hunter’s No-Bake Bake-Off! Hope you enjoyed the series and stay tuned to Trend Hunter TV for more great videos.