Michael Jason Enriquez Continues to Create Unexpected Makeovers

 - Sep 3, 2014
References: cholafied & neatorama
Cholafied celebrities is the brainchild of Michael Jason Enriquez, a digital artist who grew in Los Angeles during the 90s. The distinct look of female Mexican gangsters surrounded him throughout his formative years, so it is only natural that he revisited it later in life. The series began in 2012, and continues to have a strong fan base as his collection of cholafied celebrities grow. From Walter White of 'Breaking Bad' to Drake and even the beautiful Emma Stone, no actor is safe from his chola-seeking wrath. About his cholafied celebrities, he writes, "It’s a product of LA where subculture, celebrity obsession, street art, and stupidity are rolled up together like one of those bacon wraped hot dogs sold on Hollywood Blvd."