The Chinese Boob Clamp Creates Bigger Looking Breasts

 - Mar 8, 2011
References: kontraband & adrants
Chinese Boob Clamp. With those three magic words, I'm sure that I now have the attention of both the female and male population. In fact, the commercial that corresponds with that product name has made its moves around the Web, so I wouldn't be surprised if you were vaguely familiar with it already.

Basically a specialized form of corset, the Chinese Boob Clamp lifts and mushes together a lady's melons for optimal cleavage action. Although I can't understand Chinese, the commercial is pretty clear in that it also tightens the butt region as well as one's mid-section.

Somehow, the Chinese Boob Clamp helps increase breast size as well, which is probably one of the biggest selling points of this miraculous undergarment.