Cheeming Boey Turns Styrofoam Cups into Tiny Masterpieces

 - Jan 22, 2011
References: iamboey & dontpaniconline
Sometimes, even the most unlikely of objects are artistic creations just waiting to be unleashed, as is the case with Cheeming Boey's unbelievable Styrofoam drawings.

The talented artist drew on his first cup one day outside a cafe when he was struck by the urge to draw, but had no paper on hand. After finding a Styrofoam cup, he began to draw on it and enjoyed the finished product so immensely that he made a habit out of it. Today, his pieces fetch high premiums and after looking at these pictures, it's hardly difficult to figure out why. The best part about Cheeming Boey's art however, is that it has a tremendous lifespan because of its made out of Styrofoam.