Kevin Horan Photographs Farm Animals in His 'Chattel' Series

 - Nov 25, 2014
References: kevinhoran & mymodernmet
Washington-based photographer Kevin Horan photographs ungulates (hoofed animals) for his latest series 'Chattel.'

Now, when you think of a "majestic creature," you might picture a lion, otherwise known as the "King of the Jungle." You might picture a sleek show horse. But you probably won't picture a goat. However, Horan's portraits of goats and other hoofed farm animals are just that: majestic. Horan's masterful use of light and shadow has transformed the bumbling billy goat, the humble star of petting zoos and nursery rhymes, in to a statuesque, noble beast.

Set against a black backdrop, Horan's fine art photographs really illuminate the animal. It allows each creature's personality, which is often obliterated by the context we view them in, to shine.