Shelby Walsh is One of Canadian Business' 2016 Change Agents

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: canadianbusiness
This fall, Canadian Business is highlighting a new generation of innovators, entrepreneurial icons and talented creatives who are reinventing the way the country does business. These talented men and women come from a wide variety of industries that range from marketing to technology and even politics. It is their broad range of skills and expertise that is ultimately helping Canadian businesses compete in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

One of the 2016 Agents of Change highlighted by Canadian Business is Trend Hunter President Shelby Walsh. In her interview, Shelby explains how the company leverages crowdsourced information and three billion views worth of data to help big companies stay current. Shelby also outlines Trend Hunter's unique workplace culture -- which is almost entirely made up of Millennials -- and how it help the company pursue ideas that other agencies overlook. As Shelby explains, "As long as I’m learning something and we’re pushing things forward, even if those things fail, I’m really motivated to keep going."

To listen to the full interview and find out more about how Trend Hunter helps big-name brands accelerate innovation, click here.