'Guess The Celebrity Breast Implants' on the Huffington Post

 - May 18, 2009
References: huffingtonpost
As traditional newspapers collapse, the world is shifting to online megablogs, like the Huffington Post, which today features a top article titled, "Guess the Celebrity Breast Implants."  The article, which featured dozens of boob pictures is on the top of the ‘political’ paper’s top list.  Go figure.

The Huffington Post is supposedly a political news blog.  They feature politicians and thought leaders as guest commentators.  However, I think that the pursuit of traffic has taken HuffPo away from its original ways.

Will the shift to online automatically lead to a decline in the moral quality of news?  This evidence suggests yes.

Bonus: As featured earlier, for $13,000, you can PAY Huffington Post to give you an internship where you can post boob pictures all day.