The Flair Italia Caught Inside Photoshoot Displays Asian Styles

The Flair Italia Caught Inside photoshoot will be displayed in the Spring 2013 issue of the magazine. Model Kelly Mittendorf is the primary subject of the production as she posed in the pictures before photographer Benjamin Lennox.

Lennox captured the Asian-inspired ensembles of stylist Sissy Vian. Vian brought to life a sleek Samurai-esque look via her themed pairings. This ethnic element was seen in the collection of thick fighter's belts and floral patterns, pieces that are frequently associated with the distinctive look.

Make up expert Fulvia Farolfi got at this motif with her incorporation of white powder, juxtaposing Mittendorf's faux light skin tone with stripes of red face paint. When matched with her aggressive stance, the production will certainly be a memorable one.