The 'Elbow' Cassette Player Snaps onto Tapes for Listening

 - May 8, 2017
References: & yankodesign
Looking nothing like the portable players of the past, the 'Elbow' cassette player is a modern take on a retro medium player that works to provide a simple experience.

The market for cassette tapes has seen a marked increase in the past few years with more consumers opting to purchase new recordings on the retro medium rather than purchase a digital copy. The 'Elbow' player identifies how the market could respond with a product that is streamlined like today's technology but that is capable of playing that of yesteryear's.

The 'Elbow' cassette player is the design work of Andrius ┼Żemaitis and Marius Paulikas, and works by incorporating a shifting arm over the body of the tape for ergonomic operation.