This P2P Marketplace Incentivizes Consumers to be Eco Friendly

 - Nov 18, 2017
References: carbonx & springwise
This carbon trading marketplace is on a mission to "combat climate change using blockchain technology." Canadian startup CarbonX is described as the first P2P carbon trading platform in the world. The mobile rewards initiative encourages consumers to make environmentally friendly decisions by enabling people to earn, spend and trade carbon offsets. By offering financial incentives in the form of cryptocurrency tokens called CxT, the new blockchain venture hopes individuals will be more likely to reduce their own carbon footprint.

CarbonX sells the tokens to retailers and manufacturers to incentivize customers. These partners will gain access to transaction data and information regarding customers' energy use, so the companies can offer more relevant products to eco-conscious shoppers.

This is an example of how blockchain technology can be applied to social and environmental issues.