This Structure Could Help Capture Carbon on an Industrial Scale

Calgary-based startup 'Carbon Engineering' has drawn up designs for a mega-structure that would be able to capture carbon emissions on an industrial scale. In our highly industrialized world, unchecked carbon emissions have become a major threat to our atmosphere. To combat this growing problem, Carbon Engineering has designed a structure that may be able to suck C02 emissions straight out of the air.

The mega-structure would be made up of a series of filters that would capture carbon and separate it from its attached oxygen molecules. The structure would then purify the carbon, distill it and potentially even use it as a form of fuel. The mega-structure would ultimately help to reduce carbon emissions on an industrial scale.

While the structure is currently just a concept, the company has erected a demo version of the device. The demo is neither modular nor deployable, but it does demonstrate the large-scale viability of the technology.