The Gillette Guide to Rad Rides

 - Mar 10, 2010
References: trendhunter
Wall-Climbing Rides, Single Seater Off-Roaders and Minimalist Eco-Mobiles. Today we hunt: CAPTIVATING CONCEPT CARS.

10. This video was made for the Peugout BB1. Sure, it’s a scooter-car with a solar panel roof, two in-wheel electric motors and handlebars instead of a steering wheel – but does a rainbow really follow you around when you drive it? Didn’t think so.

9. Sure, You could go off-roading in a Hummer, but then all those passenger seats give opportunity for a party pooper to come along and rain on your parade. You need the single-seat Peugeot Capsule to solve this problem.

8. There are a ton of cutesy eco cars out there and if you feel like this world has one too many Smart Cars in it, you’ll love the more aggressive design of the BMW Vidion EfficientDynamics car.

7. As if Apple hasn’t monopolized enough of the computer and MP3 market, this iMo concept vehicle is proof that Apple knows no bounds. iLike.

6. You obviously want a car that can withstand the elements, but what about one that is inspired by them? He futuristic MGX Car is designed to mimic wind flow.

5. It’s time to pump –up the volume and the Lexus LF-Ch Premium Hybrid is one car that certainly does. The tech-loving, eco-friendly mobile also has iPhone Docks mounted on the headrests. Aw yeah.

4. When it comes to automobiles, it doesn’t get much more aerodynamic than the Phantom concept design by Michal Lipinski.

3. Minimalism is so popular and now the automotive industry is embracing it as well. GM’s ‘Bare Necessities’ concept cars are efficient and elegantly simplistic.

2. The 2010 Citroen Revolte is one concept that makes eco-friendly transportation look goood. Even ladies will love it because of it’s pinkish hue.

1. PO’ed about the lack of parking spots downtown? Well stress no more. With the wall-climbing Peugeot Metromorph, you can park your car ON your office building.