Benjamin Hughes Showcases Graffiti Style Monster Art

 - Jun 11, 2009   Updated: Jul 12 2011
References: bizarremag
Benjamin Hughes claims he is still a “relatively new artist,” but with works like these zombie paintings, many people would think otherwise.

Although the vicious looking zombies in his collection seem evil because they hold chainsaws and have pointy teeth, there is something about their huge heads that make them semi-cute.

Check out the gallery to see more works by Benjamin Hughes, which include simplistic tape decks, headsets and monster hands.

Implications - Graffiti styles, spray can artwork and tagging were once associated with vandalism and unsightly visuals for many people; however, in recent years there has been a surge of growing appreciation for the art of graffiti, and many companies have incorporated graffiti-style art into their product packaging and branding in order to been seen as youthful and accepting of counterculture.