The Caleb Charland Science Photos Experiment With Fire

 - Jun 16, 2012
References: calebcharland & fastcodesign
As the Caleb Charland science photos show, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy the thrills of science. Using concepts drawn from experiments like potato-powered batteries, titrating and DNA helix investigation, Charland offers a more abstract spin on things.

Some people recoil at the mention of a chemistry term, but it is a pity because some science concepts really make magic. Charland attempts to make the academic subject more relevant (or interesting, at the very least) through visually stimulating photographs. He snaps pictures of apple trees, jars of vinegar, a stack of coins or a selection of fruits that are all hooked up to their own respective lamps as power sources.

By making us question 'how?' and 'why?,' Charland captures the essential driving force of scientific discovery -- an inherent thirst of knowledge.