Jeremy Gutsche's EXPLOITING CHAOS Featured

With the recent release of Jeremy Gutsche’s breakout book, EXPLOITING CHAOS, there has been tons of buzz about in the business world. BusinessWeek caught wind of this eye-catching innovation read and featured a slideshow from the beginning of the book’s pages.

Check out the article accompanying the slideshow below.

24 Ways to Exploit Chaos
By Jessie Scanlon

Economic crises can lead to fear and paralysis within executive boardrooms, not to mention a shortage of capital or credit to act on good ideas that do emerge. But they can also create opportunities. In Exploiting Chaos (Gotham Books, 2009), Jeremy Gutsche—an innovation consultant and the founder of, a site that tracks emerging trends—offers, as the book’s subtitle says, 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change. What does a burger have to do with innovation? Read on for that and 23 other ideas from Gutsche.