Jeremy Gutsche's Book on Innovation Shares Instincts to Cultivate Success

 - Feb 26, 2015
References: jeremygutsche & betterandfaster
In his second book on innovation, Trend Hunter CEO and sought-after keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche introduces two archetypes: the Hunter and the Farmer. Year after year, a Farmer will hope to reap rewards that are bigger than last year's harvest. In contrast, a Hunter must constantly evolve to go after ever-adapting prey. Although their approaches to success differ, Better and Faster highlights how the Hunter always comes out on top by being Curious, Insatiable and Willing to Destroy. This innovation book features big wins and blunders from major companies across multiple industries, teaching you the instincts to learn and the traps to avoid so that your own brand can have a Hunter's success.

To glean more of Gutsche's insights on how to succeed in business, pick up a copy of Better and Faster.