Become Spiderman, Get Fit

 - Sep 25, 2006
References: bodywall & gizmag
Bodywall is like a big sticky wall that you stick onto in order to work out those muscles that only get worked out when you something really wierd. You wear high adhesion gloves and shoes and work with a tech wall that will make you feel like spiderman. "Take your skills to new heights. On Bodywall if you can imagine a move you can usually do it. Know what to do with that lucky bounce train for it, see each intercept, pass and strike in your mind, and then practice till you own it." The site also suggests that, Training with Bodywall rapidly teaches your body new ways to move, giving you new ways to move the game your way. New ways to volley, tackle and link moves and new sequences together. In football Bodywall is stretching human performance. Beautifully."