Bnn Jeremy Gutsche

 - Sep 16, 2011
References: bnn & watch.bnn
The most successful companies may begin with a great idea, but turning an idea into a functioning business requires much more. BNN's show The Pitch aims to provide innovative thinkers with the extra skill and guidance they need to turn ideas into profit, placing aspiring entrepreneurs in front of a panel of financial experts. Among these experts is our own Chief Trend Hunter Jeremy Gutsche, whose experience as an innovation expert, award-winning author and founder and creator of Trend Hunter magazine makes him an ideal judge.


The recurring theme of this episode of The Pitch is real-life experiences translated to online services. First to face the panel is Barry Gordon of YouBid Local, an online platform for estate auctions. With $1 million in sales to date, YouBid Local is a trusted force across Canada; however, Gordon is looking to expand to the rest of North America.

Second to face the panel is Randy Frisch of Mygazine. In a time where the value of print publications is allegedly decreasing, Mygazine seeks to help companies and consumers transition to the online sphere by providing the familiar page aesthetic in a new, digital format. Further, Mygazine provides an opportunity to track and analyze all interaction with a piece, serving up 30 million pageviews in August alone. Watch the episode to see how the panel responded.