The 'Blame Society' T-Shirt Gets You Off the Hook

 - Nov 17, 2013
References: frankandjan & fancy
Sometimes it's easier to point fingers rather than take a good hard look at ourselves, a fact that the 'Blame Society' T-shirt by Frank and Jan knows all too well.

It's become commonplace in this day and age to blame society for nearly all of our sins and vices. For instance, technology activates anti-social tendencies, video games glorify violence and rap music perpetuates misogyny, according to many popular beliefs. Is it any wonder then, that we're sex-obsessed, easily agitated, social recluses?

The next time you're feeling bad about your debased character -- whether it be from your weekend debaucheries or general depravity -- comfort yourself with the fact that it's probably society's fault. Donning this T-shirt has a double function: making us feel better, but also making a public social commentary.