Man Blows Up Ford F350 in Pursuit of Eco Truck

 - May 3, 2007
References: autobloggreen
Biodiesel is sexy, but not widely available. However, passionate eco drivers across the globe are learning how to create their own biodiesel in dangerous experiments.

This week, a San Francisco man blew up the engine of his new Ford F350 in a biodiesel experiment. He told AutoBlog Green, ""I supposedly blew up my brand new $55k truck, with just 200 miles on it, running B99. I say supposedly, because I can't believe it was a fuel problem-but Ford is sticking me with $17k bill for a new engine (major labor required to remove cab etc..). They tested the fuel at two labs and said I violated the warranty (which says no more than B5)."

This is all quite interesting because I just watched a documentary called "Everything's Cool" at the Hot Docs film festival in which a dude at a ski resort created his own biodiesel. He has no training in biodiesel but creates the dangerous fluid to power his car and the snow machines at the resort. The shocking part of the movie was watching the contrast between the danger of the experiment and the limited safety precautions.