Courtney Scharf Shows Off the Best Tumblrs on the Internet

 - Feb 19, 2013
From funny comics to absurd images, the best Tumblrs have it all! Trend Hunter’s Web Marketing Coordinator and Tumblr aficionado Courtney Scharf is ready to share some of her favorite Tumblr blogs to make viewers laugh out loud.

First off is the ‘T-Rex Trying…’ Tumblr, which is a series of short and simple comics about the trials and tribulations of a short-armed T-Rex who, due to his reach (or lack thereof) finds himself in very unfortunate situations.

Next up is ‘kikinitinkorea’ (pronounced as "kickin’ it in korea"). This blog shares all of the typical reactions of a Westerner teaching in South Korea. The blog effectively captures the comedy goldmine that arises from the huge culture gap.

The ‘What If Adele Was Mrs. Doubtfire’ Tumblr is pretty weird, yet entertaining! Here, you’ll find tons of images where Adele’s face is superimposed onto Mrs. Doubtfire body and vice-versa.

On the ‘Les Mean Girls’ Tumblr, there is a cross-over between the movie Mean Girls and Les Miserables. It features meme-like images of characters from Les Miserable with text quotes from Mean Girls. If you love both movies, you’ll love these witty references and funny allusions.

Last but not least is the Celebrity Close-Up Tumblr where there are tons of close-up shots of celebrities’ faces. It’s not a pretty sight, but the overall theme is absolutely hilarious.