The Beegee Margenyte Vogue Spain Brides Shoot is the Epitome of Glamour

The Beegee Margenyte Vogue Spain Brides editorial features high fashion bridal styles that are the epitome of glamor. The effortlessly elegant editorial features an edgier take on classic wedding styling.

Captured by the lens of photographic duo Hunter & Gatti, the model is a vision in lace and tulle, showcasing show-stopping gowns and exaggerated 80s-inspired locks. Outfitted by stylist Sara Fernandez, Beegee exudes attitude and femininity, sporting the latest in designer bridal selects.

From over-the-top glamour to more understated ensembles, this bold editorial features an easy elegance that is a contemporary take on classic bridal styles. From clean cut blazers to oversized jewelry, eye-catching accents complement flowing and feminine styles in the Beegee Margenyte Vogue Spain Brides editorial. From timeless classics to edgy styles, these bridal ensembles stand out for all the right reasons.