Beats by Dre Swarovski Glamour Series Headphones is Not for the Subtle

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: crystalrocked & chipchick
It's inevitable -- any normal-looking product will eventually get dipped in gold and drenched in diamonds, like this pair of Beats by Dre Swarovski Glamour Series Studio Headphones. The Beats by Dre Studio Headphones, studio-quality headgear that reproduces the small and intricate sounds you can hear in a studio but not on normal headphones, now comes in a gilded and crystallized version to satisfy all of your sparkle cravings.

Crystal Rocked has plated the Beats by Dre Swarovski Glamour Series headphones in 24 carat gold and also covered it -- by hand -- in 24,000 Swarovski Dorado crystal elements, making the headphones glisten like crazy (probably even in the dark). Each pair of headphones, as you would expect, is made to order. If you're ready to make that order, you should also be ready to shell out about $2,625.