Better and Faster Shows That Brands That Zero in on Their Niche Win

 - Mar 21, 2015
References: jeremygutsche & betterandfaster
Jeremy Gutsche's Better and Faster shows some of the patterns that top-tier brands have used in order to become irresistible to a specific group of consumers.

If you think about it, if everybody is satisfied with a product or service, there's always an opportunity to diverge from what's offered and supercharge that one missing piece. For instance, Better and Faster recounts the story of how the BeautifulPeople dating site came to be. After finding that so many dating sites put an emphasis on personality before attractive photos, Robert Hintz created a niche dating site that would only allow the most beautiful people to search for love. Naturally controversial, people were drawn to apply to see if they would qualify. Although millions have been turned away from the chance to use the service, the promise of exclutivity is what continues to drive new users to apply.

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