Shelby Walsh Dishes on Irresistible Baby Videos with Some Serious Traffic

 - Jan 17, 2013
Baby viral videos reinforce the idea that kids say and do the darndest things.

The short film ‘Las Pamas’ by Johannes Nyholm features a boozing baby causing trouble at a bar. The toddler looks like an adult beside the marionettes and is guzzling down alcohol (which I hope is juice). The hilarity ensues when the baby begins trashing everything as if completely inebriated.

‘Who’s your favorite?’ proves that coercing your baby into making you their favorite is a difficult task. Even after being promised a pony by Dad, little Maddy states that "Mum" is still her favorite without any hesitation.

Baby viral videos show that the laughter and moments of pure joy make the arduous task of parenting worth it. From giggling infants to rollerblading tots, Vice President of Operations Shelby Walsh discusses these trends and more in her latest Trend Hunter interview.