AXE Douche Anarchy is Irresistible to Women

AXE Douche Anarchy Shower Gel has now officially become the best product for men since the invention of beer.

AXE is famous for their commercials where an average-looking man puts on a AXE product and the women flock to him like teenage girls to the midnight showing of Twilight. The only difference is that in this commercial, women begin to run in fear with the man who starts to shower with AXE on the beach. Confused and bewildered as to why the women are fleeing, the man turns around to see a flaming comet of women in bikinis flying through the sky coming right for him. The man drops to his knees to accept his fate as the somber choral music booms.

The commercial is extremely captivating because it uses the perfect music and throws in an unexpected twist.