The Brand 'Avani' Created Eco Bags to Take the Place of Plastic Ones

 - Jan 31, 2017
References: avanieco & treehugger
Avani is a Bali-based brand that decided to take it upon itself to help resolve the increasing pollution that the beautiful country is beginning to experience.

The rise of commercialism in the country has also brought along an issue with pollution and trash -- which also pollutes its shores and is brought over from ocean currents. Much of this garbage is made of plastic, and as a result Avani decided to create Eco Bags that replace plastic bags. The bags are non-toxic and can dissolve in hot water and soften in cold, or degrade in soil in three to six months. They are not harmful if consumed by animals and are safe for plant growth.

Avani's Eco Bags set a precedent for how the rest of the world should be resolving its excessive waste problem.