‘Asian Women Holding Things' Shows Love to Trend Hunter

 - Jan 18, 2009
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With Asia’s growing participation in the global marketplace, it was only a matter of time until someone noticed the abundance of scantily-clad Asian damsels tenderly fondling products and fawning over touch screens at trade shows. The temptation was just too much for Trend Hunter’s own Going Like Sixty. As a service to history, he put up a site to record the phenomenon so it would not go undocumented.

A quick cruise through the collected photographs reveals that Asian women holding things really LOVE Trend Hunter. They want to hold Jacob’s widget and touch Jeremy’s face. They’re excited by Marissa’s trends and Bianca’s smiling face. This all leads me to ask, "Is it real, or is it Memorex?" (Boomers like Sixty will understand this question.)

Visit the site and let Going Like Sixty know what you think by posting comments.

Maybe he should add some videos like the one above to the site. Then again, maybe not.