Aqueous Barrier Coatings Prevent Moisture from Entering

 - Dec 12, 2016
References: sierracoating & packagingdigest
According to 'Packaging Digest,' sustainable aqueous barrier coatings are able to "improve any fiber products" by keeping moisture away from food and therefore preventing potentially harmful contamination.

This form of packaging is considered to be an alternative for traditional laminated structures. Despite the fact that this technology is sustainable, aqueous barrier coatings can not be recycled, making it different from similar options that are becoming more widely available. In addition to keeping moisture away from food, aqueous barrier coatings help to ensure that the product is kept at a suitable temperature and prevents exposure to other bacteria.

By using eco-friendly packaging methods such as this, participating companies encourage others to follow. Not only does this make for a more sustainable system, but it appeals to the growing demographic of consumers who value these efforts.