The iMo is the iAnswer to Congested City Roads

 - Apr 26, 2009   Updated: Jul 4 2011
References: imoconcept & jalopnik
Skinny jeans wearers, Apple fans and Jeremy Gutsche, rejoice! Your whole world can now be Apple-brandedâ€"even your car. The iMo is Apple's iAnswer to today's congested city roads.

The wee iMo concept designed by Anthony Jannarelly comes with features like a shape-shifting blob interior, elevator parking on the sides of buildings andâ€"by far iMo's most practical featureâ€"a balloon that swoops down and carries you off into the night.

Implications - Corporations have a much easier time introducing products to the general public if they incorporate elements which are familiar to their consumers. In this particular example, it's the familiarity of the Apple brand which incites confidence from consumers as the Apple brand has a proven track record of quality products.