Anil Akkus Still Lifes Have an Achromatic Surreal Quality

 - Jul 24, 2011
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It's hard to wrap your head around these Anil Akkus Still Lifes as you attempt to understand that the images are in fact photographs. Looking much more like crisp computer animations, the subjects of each picture embody unreal appearances due to the reduced dimensionality of the whitewashed color scheme.

Unfortunately, the Turkish artist does not explain his work so the observer is left to solve the mystery of this ethereal series. Perhaps he coats every prop in chalky matte paint, or maybe he first works in paper or clay. One might assume there has been some photo editing after the fact, for the everyday objects captured in these images embody an immaculate material perfection. Anil Akkus Still Lifes mark the early works of a media arts student, so one can continue expect great things from this creative.