Jolie's Body Double

 - Sep 2, 2007
References: nationalledger
Angelina Jolie has gotten so thin, directors cast a body double in her nude scenes. Once known for her tremendous curves and feminine lines, Jolie's frame has become increasingly skeletal in recent months.

"She has lost way too much weight by her own admission and now a claim from Life & Style Magazine reports that she has to use a body double for the nude scenes in her upcoming thriller 'Wanted,'" the National Ledger reported.

"Has it really gotten that bad? Maybe it was for modesty now that she has four kids but a report from the weekly entertainment magazine claims that Angie's bony figure was the reason."

"They're going to digitally erase some of her tattoos in post-production, and I wouldn't be surprised if they also made her a bit thicker and curvier," Life & Style reported. "It's hard to buy her a as a master assassin when she'd nothing but skin and bones."