The Rose by Andrew Brauteseth Makes You Think of Your First Love̵

 - May 6, 2011
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The Rose by Andrew Brauteseth, a photographer and filmmaker, is a film that showcases a convincing love story ripe with romantic flair.

With model Ansellia Adams as ‘Anna,’ Brauteseth combines the perfect scenes, subtitles and metaphors to make this love film convincing as he compares Anna to a rose. From Anna laying surrounded by roses to his story describing Anna as a rose, Andrew's film will inspire you to think of your own first love. The film is shot in stills and captures moments of the narrative which sensually grips viewers from beginning to end.

Andrew describes The Rose as being inspired by the "eye-meltingly sensual language of the classic french perfume pieces, mixed with a Parisian charm and mystery you find in french films like Amélie."

Combining powerful music by Yann Tiersen and styling by Catherine Bowen, Andrew Brauteseth's film brings forth a convincing love story that all can enjoy.