Ali Lohan Meeting With Porn Producer Tops Buzz

 - Jul 31, 2008
References: msnbc.msn
Teen starlet Ali Lohan 'accidentally' met with a porn producer, and became the #1 search of the day.  I suppose the news is making buzz because she's only 14 and one of his movies was called 'Breast Wishes 14'. 

Also, there's the theory that Ali Lohan is seeking the same level of fame as her sister, Lindsay Lohan. So would she seek it at any costs? I think it's just hype.

Specifically, Ali auditioned for a show called 'Troll' which was aired on E!  One of the casting directors was Peter Davy, and he makes dirty movies.

All of the news was allegedly quite upsetting to her momanger who was, “ready to roll heads.”

I suppose the Ali Lohan story is kind of interesting, but not really.  It's more interesting that such news can become so buzzed.  Seriously, #1?  I consider myself a student of what becomes viral, but sometimes I wish people would get more excited about cartoon oil Homer paintings and Concept bicycles.