'Air Ink' Fills Its Cartridges with Exhaust from Vehicles

 - Feb 8, 2017
References: kickstarter & wired
For environmentally friendly folks, any system that can recycle engine exhaust is a positive, so those with an eco-inclination will appreciate the ink produced by Air Ink. As its name subtly suggests, the ink-making company creates its pigments by recycling the exhaust that comes directly from gas-powered vehicles.

Air Ink's system incorporates devices called Kaalinks. These cylindrical gadgets attach to the tailpipes of virtually any vehicle, and the vehicle's exhaust runs through them. By imparting a positive charge onto the particulates in the vehicles' exhausts, the Kaalinks can gather the carbon necessary to create rich black ink. A Kaalink can gather enough ink to fill a pen within approximately 45 minutes.

Not only does Air Ink's process reduce the amount of particulates released into the environment, but it is also far more sustainable than the typical industrial ink-making process.