Rodrigo Almeida's Dynamic and Colorful Africa Chair

 - Nov 16, 2009   Updated: Jun 16 2011
References: flickr & rodrigoalmeidadesign
The multi-hued Africa chair by Rodrigo Almeida comments on the dynamic African-infused culture found in the designer's inspiration, his native Brazil. Made of wood and many meters of colorful rope, the Africa chair represents a unique weaving technique.

This beautiful, exceptional seating solution perfectly embodies Almeida's efforts to incorporate art, design and cultural points of view. The intricate Africa chair is a handmade prototype crafted by Almeida.

Implications - One of the best ways a company can distinguish a basic and traditional product is by altering the commodity through the use of a radical design. By eschewing the conventions traditionally associated with the product, the brand establishes itself as one on the forefront of avant-garde style.