$5,000 Gets Your Logo Out of This World

 - Jan 12, 2007
References: jpaerospace & adrants
I'm not 100% sure if the ads will reach your target demographic, but for $5,000, JP Aerospace will plaster your logo onto a little baloon that it floats into space. It's a great idea if you are looking to advertise to customers in space. Here's the fun legal disclaimer, "As with all frontier-forging activities, there is always the chance of loss of the vehicle, or equipment malfunction of the cameras. At a minimum, pictures will be taken of the vehicle with logos before liftoff and will appear on our web site for both JP Aerospace and PongSats. Full recognition will be given on our web site and other materials to participants."

BREAKING NEWS: Trend Hunter has just launched a service where we will photoshop your logo onto a satelite so that it LOOKS like your logo is in space. Our price is only $100 (what a bargain)!