90 Minutes Steve Jobs in 60 Seconds

 - Jan 20, 2008   Updated: May 16 2011
References: daily.mahalo
The folks at Mahalo Daily have summarized 90 minutes of Steve Jobs into just 60 seconds. The video is a condensed version of Steve Jobs' keynote at MacWorld 2008. 

The video covers so many different points, you’ll wonder what Jobs spoke about for the other 89 minutes.

As a keynote speaker myself, I wonder what my 1 minute would sound like.

Implications - Condensed interviews, television shows and keynote presentations alike reflect society's wish to spend the least amount of time accomplishing the most amount of tasks and activities. This reflects the broader trend of the importance of time-saving, especially in fast-paced urban environments. Marketers and advertisers that emphasize time can appeal to those time-starved consumers, which represents a large segment of the market.