33voices Jeremy Gutsche

 - Jun 1, 2015
References: 33voices & 33voices
Celebrating the New York Times bestseller status of Better and Faster, author and innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche recently chatted with the founder of business platform 33voices Moe Abdou about success, innovation and unlocking the potential of great ideas.

Gutsche is often referred to as an "intellectual can of Red Bull" both on and off stage. This possibly sparked Abdou to ask the question, "where do you get your energy? I'm serious about because I think that's a product of your brand " to which candidly Gutsche replied, "I'm initially curious and I'm just so hungry for the next big thing." From there, Gutsche expands on how he created the largest idea platform TrendHunter.com as well as how to not be bogged down by past successes and the power of six shortcuts to opportunity that are further explored with riveting case studies in Better and Faster.

Listen to the full interview between Abdou and Gutsche on 33voices here.