Shelby Walsh Discusses Some Funny and Seriously Witty 2013 Commercials

 - May 9, 2013
You only need to watch Mad Men or turn on your TV to realize that visual ads are a message-spreading art form that companies have been using for quite some time, but these 2013 commercials that use sarcasm as a selling point are truly revolutionizing TV advertising methods.

For a long time, commercials were a tool that companies only used to display and advertise their products to their consumer demographic. As these awesome sarcasm driven commercials go to show, humor can be an important selling tool no matter what your product or cause.

From Health Canada advertisements that liken smoking to "social farting" to exquisitely shot IKEA commercials, these hilarious 2013 commercials are using humor and new witty advertising techniques in order to get their messages across.