H&M Fashion Against AIDS Campaign

 - Apr 7, 2012
References: campaign.hm & about.hm
H&M’s 2012 Fashion Against AIDS campaign is taking on a more racy approach to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention by having supporters upload photos of themselves well… making out. H&M will be donating a dollar for every kiss uploaded to their campaign website. They’ve also made it possible for visitors to comment and "heart" their favourite smoochers from the campaign wall. It is a true global representation as kisses from Germany, Australia and China appear on the wall of over 1,800 images.

H&M has also released their annual collection that draws inspiration from across continents and brings together various global styles. The clothes and accessories in H&M’s 2012 Fashion Against AIDS collection mixes bold ethnic patterns, dip dyed fabrics, macrame and fringed details in one solid lookbook. It also has a number of festival appropriate duds like crop tops and retro sunglasses.

PDA is considered a taboo for most cases, but this is one exception the public is willing to make.