Red Carpet Couture- 2008 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet Fashion

 - Sep 8, 2008
References: mtv
The MTV Video Music Awards red carpet fashions is always generates buzz, and this year is no exception.. 

Pink looked unique as usual in her red and black vertical striped-gown, and wild hair.  In her interview with Fonzworth Bentley, my favorite, she described her couture as a "walking carnival." Gotta love Pink for never being one to mince words. 

Miley Cyrus looked stunning in her stylish sparkling feathered peacock dress while being interviewed along with Katy Perry who, in the interview with Bentley, said her hot shorts and breast enhancing shiny star tank-top were bought at a "vintage store." Their chat with Bentley is definitely worth watching—especially funny is when Bentley mentions the MTV Video Music Awards’s are "heavy with star power", the girls then proceed to jokingly ask if they look "fat."

Be sure to make it to MTV’s website and vote for who you thought was the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards "Best Dressed!" While you’re there, check out all the fantastic red-carpet fashions too!

Above, you’ll see the MTV Video Music Awards photos, shown in order of appearance:  Pink, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohen, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Ashlee Simpson, Rihanna, Kerri Hilson, and Lauren Conrad.