The LG LGX Super Slim (CES 2008)

 - Jan 6, 2008
References: lge
We've covered razor thin LCDs before, but LG's thin tv is the first skinny 42 inch we've covered. The razor thin HDTV was unveiled at CES 2008.

Called the 'LGX Super Slim', his HDTV is a 1.7 inch LCD with a 15,000:1 contrast ratio and LED backlighting. As a bonus, the design is bright red which will help to spice up your living room.

The LGX Super Slim comes with all the standard bells and whistles like USB jacks, HDMI, etc., but it also comes with a feature that lets you link several LG devices together. Neat-o.

Below are some other razor thin innovations we've seen: