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DIY Trends

Top 100 Beverage Trends in June
Top 100 Beverage Trends in June
From Free-From Hard Seltzers to Sparkling CBD-Infused Water
The June 2020 beverage trends feature a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, in addition to innovative spirits, DIY cocktail-making kits, botanical wines, and delicious canned cocktails. Tapista, a... MORE
DIY Artisan Bacon Kits
DIY Artisan Bacon Kits
The Sandy Leaf Bacon Curing Kit is Simple to Follow and Use
The Sandy Leaf Bacon Curing Kit is a premium solution for consumers who are looking to create their own bacon from the comfort of home without having to head to their closest butcher or grocery store.... MORE
At-Home Spa Kits
At-Home Spa Kits
Glow Recipe's New At-Home Spa Kit is Perfect for Quarantine
Since COVID-19 has closed spas across the country, you can recreate the same experience at home with Glow Recipe’s new At-Home Spa Kit. To create its new At-Home Spa Kit, Glow Recipe teamed... MORE
Paperclip-Themed Luxe Jewelry
Paperclip-Themed Luxe Jewelry
Virgil Abloh Joins Jacob & Co to Launch the Office Supplies Jewelry
Virgil Abloh works in collaboration with Jacob & Co on the new Office Supplies jewelry collection full of bracelet and earring silhouettes. The capsule is made to order and takes the traditional... MORE
DIY Fermentation Gadgets
DIY Fermentation Gadgets
The Kefirko Veggie Fermenter Helps with Fermenting at Home
At a time when people are open to exploring baking break from scratch and starting their own backyard or balcony gardens, some are also getting into fermenting at home. Over the last few years, a... MORE
Unravelling Yarn Collectibles
Unravelling Yarn Collectibles
Ravel Tales is a Waste-Reducing Collectible Toy for Kids
There are tons of collectible surprise toys for kids that are made up of small packages and boxes to unwrap and Ravel Tales puts a yarn-themed twist on this popular concept. The newly launched toys... MORE
Beachy Gelatin Dessert Kits
Beachy Gelatin Dessert Kits
The New JELL-O Play Beach Dessert Kit is a Fun Activity for Kids
For parents looking for a fun activity to occupy kids during self-isolation, the new JELL-O Play Beach Dessert Kit is the perfect option. The JELL-O Play Beach Dessert Kit is a creative and... MORE
Meaty Smoked Brisket Burgers
Meaty Smoked Brisket Burgers
Smashburger New Smoked Bacon Brisket Burger is Here for Summer 2020
While summer may look a little different this year, Smashburger is making sure consumers still get to enjoy all their favorite BBQ flavors with the debut of its new Smoked Bacon Brisket Burger.... MORE
Top 100 Retail Trends in May
Top 100 Retail Trends in May
From DIY QSR Meals to Designer Masks
This list of May 2020 retail trends follows some of the key pivots companies have been implementing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the unique ways that brands evolving to give... MORE
Homemade Sourdough Bread Kits
Homemade Sourdough Bread Kits
Mad Millie Debuts a 15-Minute Sourdough Bread Kit At-Home Baking
As more consumers spend time at home, many have taken up baking as a productive habit, with sourdough bread becoming a fan favorite. To cater to this growing segment of consumers, Mad Millie debuted... MORE
Top 30 DIY Ideas in June
Top 30 DIY Ideas in June
from DIY Pasta-Making Kits to Upcycled Egg Shell Crafts
With the social distancing and self-isolation in full effect due to COVID-19, the June 2020 DIY trends reveal that consumers are increasingly turning to at-home projects as a way to pass the time.... MORE
Keto-Friendly Cinnamon Creamers
Keto-Friendly Cinnamon Creamers
nutpods' Cinnamon Swirl Creamer is Unsweetened and Vegan-Friendly
Coffee creamer brand nutpods offers vegan-friendly nut milk alternatives to traditional milk-based creamers. Its Cinnamon Swirl creamer is a limited edition flavor that is both delicious and health-... MORE
DIY Salon-Branded Tutorials
DIY Salon-Branded Tutorials
British Salon Bleach London Debuts DIY Dye Job Tutorials
To help consumers looking to revamp their hair during quarantine, premium British salon, Bleach London, recently hosted a digital ‘Hair Party’ where creative director Alex Brownsell... MORE
Upcycled Egg Shell Crafts
Upcycled Egg Shell Crafts
Egg Farmers of Canada's Craft Series Encourages Reusing and Recycling
Egg Farmers of Canada’s egg crafts series encourages creative experimentation with an unexpected ingredient. Launched just in time for spring and summer, these crafts illustrate the... MORE
Burrito App Customization Features
Burrito App Customization Features
The Chipotle App Has a New Complete Customization Feature
Chipotle is making it easier than ever to create your dream burrito or bowl with its new Complete Customization feature. Complete Customization is a new feature now available in through the... MORE
Complimentary DIY First-Aid Kits
Complimentary DIY First-Aid Kits
The Band-Aid Buildable First Aid Kit is Stylishly Designed
The Band-Aid buildable first aid kit has been unveiled by the brand as a new offering for consumers that will help them to keep everything they need on hand if or when an accident occurs around the... MORE
Nostalgic DIY Fruit Snacks
Nostalgic DIY Fruit Snacks
Fruit Roll-Ups Peel 'N Build are Back After a Long Hiatus
Decades after leaving store shelves, Fruit Roll-Ups Peel ‘N Build fruit snacks are finally back. The news comes the same week that another popular 90s treat, Dunkaroos, is also making a... MORE
DIY Pasta-Making Kits
DIY Pasta-Making Kits
Pasta Evangelists' Make Your Own Italian Recipe Box Makes At-Home Prep Easy
Pasta Evangelists’ Make Your Own Italian Recipe Box is a fun gift for both amateur and experienced chefs and helps foodies recreate gourmet meals at home. The recipe box is conveniently... MORE
Make-at-Home Burger Kits
Make-at-Home Burger Kits
The Counter Custom Burgers Is Offering New Family Burger Bundles
In an effort to help consumers keep cooking interesting while in self-isolation, The Counter Custom Burgers has debuted a new lineup of Family Burger Bundles. With its new Family Burger Bundles,... MORE
Archival Fashion Fabric Masks
Archival Fashion Fabric Masks
The Mira Mikati Mask is a Fashionable Safety Accessory
The Mira Mikati Mask is a protective accessory launched by the fashion designer that is best known for her DIY and crafts-inspired aesthetic. Made from archival fabric from the designer’s past... MORE
DIY Frozen Dessert Cakes
DIY Frozen Dessert Cakes
The Cold Stone Creamery DIY Ice Cream Cupcake Kit is Tasty
The Cold Stone Creamery DIY Ice Cream Cupcake Kit has been unveiled by the brand as a new family-friendly dessert kit that will provide families with a way to create their own premium frozen... MORE
DIY Slipper Kits
DIY Slipper Kits
The Hender Scheme Craft Yourself / Room Shoes Kit is Interactive
The Hender Scheme Craft Yourself / Room Shoes kit is a new offering from the brand that provides consumers with a way to DIY their own footwear when spending extended periods of time indoors this... MORE
40 DIY Charcuterie Innovations
40 DIY Charcuterie Innovations
From Antipesto Snack Packs to Artisan Alcohol-Infused Cheeses
These DIY charcuterie innovations range from antipesto snack packs to artisan, alcohol-infused cheeses. With social distancing in full effect as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, consumers... MORE
DIY Bubble Tea Kits
DIY Bubble Tea Kits
Tapista is Helping People in Japan Make Bubble Tea at Home
Japanese tapioca bubble tea stand Tapista is making it easier than ever for people to enjoy bubble tea at home with its bubble tea kits. The kits share enough ingredients to make six servings of... MORE