From Chainsaw Art to Chainsaw-Powered Motorcycles

 - Jun 6, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
These uncommon chainsaw creations are sure to excite lumberjacks and chainsaw enthusiasts alike.

The chainsaw has been a staple of horror movies and the logging industry for some time now. Whether you enjoy chasing around scantily clad women or cutting down a majestic pine tree, there's sure to be something in these uncommon chainsaw creations to strike your fancy.

Implications - Whether you're looking to satisfy a particular craving for thrill or exhibitionism or looking for a uniquely designed and crafted item, this collection of uncommon chainsaw creations is definitely suitable for your needs! From the chainsaw art, the Ice Carving Beauty Queens and the Pretty Pink Massacre tools, I am confident that even the most delicate of individuals will discover a desirable chainsaw-related item