From Classic to Tribal Headwear, Turban Head-Wraps are Dominating Fashion

 - Nov 21, 2011
Turban head-wraps are the newest must-have accessory seen throughout fashion this season. Whether fitted or oversized, turbans have had a huge presence in fashion this year.

While sleek and fitted styles are reminiscent of the roaring 20s, giving a retro-inspired flair to any look, oversized voluminous styles take cues from Middle-Eastern and African fashion ideals.

A classic take on the handsome headpiece is a staple of Parisian glamour. The accessory is demure, lady like and has often been worn by women of status. Moreover, a tribal-inspired take on the headpiece is fashion forward and can be seen in a variety of high fashion spreads.

This edgy headwear works to give a vintage vibe to any fashion editorial and is a versatile accessory for a variety of different directions in fashion.