- Jun 30, 2009   Updated: Apr 19 2011
Looking for the lastest swimwear or underwear trends? This sizzling hot countdown showcases the most popular swimwear and underwear trends in 2009 so far...

Like all of our reports, this is a crowd-filtered ranking based on TrendHunter.com monthly traffic and our underwear trend database, which now has more than 5,764 underwear trends.

Implications - It's a common mantra in the makeup industry that the best cosmetically enhanced face does not seem enhanced at all. The same can be said for swimwear and underwear in the sense that the best swimwear emulates the look of nudity. Swimsuits and underwear no longer exist for function, they exist for sensuality and adornment.

Top 50 Swimwear And Underwear Trends In H1 2009: