Top 50 Innovations In Social Networking And Online Dating

 - May 12, 2008   Updated: Aug 23 2011
From social networking for dogs to celebrity communities, this list showcases the 50 breakthroughs in social networking and online dating.

Over the last few years, we've even seen celebrities popping into the game, including: 50 Cent, Kylie Monogue, and Radiohead. We've seen charities embrace the medium, and we've seen people rebel against the medium.

In short, this list helps to illustrate that our world, and our online communities, are becoming more segmented than ever before.


Implications - Consumers are looking to the Internet to provide a connection to the outside world. This media connects people across the world in a way that was not previous possible prior to technological advances. Businesses that are looking to advance their clientele and brand should consider using this medium to connect to their consumers.